Jet air chimney pipe

We took a short drive to Rome, NY, to visit Griffiss Air Force Base Technology Park. Planes, especially military planes, just don’t float my boat. Real snoozers. But I have two sons who are crazy about machinery. Aren’t all boys? So this is for them.

Griffiss was an AFB for decades before the Clinton Administration downsized it. The city of Rome developed it into a technology park, and, among other things, also hosted a debauched rerun of Woodstock in 1999 here. The AFB was named for the first U.S. airman killed in action during WWII, Townsend Griffiss.

For most of its operation, the base was equipped with B-52 stratofortresses. All are gone except the “Mohawk Valley.”

A. fireplaces, and open and close the damper doors, if readily accessible and operable;
B. hearth extensions and other permanently installed components;
C. and report as in need of repair deficiencies in the lintel, hearth or material surrounding the fireplace, including clearance from combustible materials.

A. the insulation in unfinished spaces;
B. the ventilation of attic spaces;
C. mechanical ventilation systems;  
D. and report on the general absence or lack of insulation.

1. throw rugs;
2. furniture;
3. floor or wall coverings;
4. ceiling tiles;
5. window coverings;
6. equipment;
7. plants;
8. ice;
9. debris;
10. snow;
11. water;
12. dirt;
13. foliage; or 
14. pets.

An air door or air curtain is a device used to prevent air or contaminants from moving from one open space to another. The most common use is a downward-facing blower fan mounted over an entrance to a building , or an opening between two spaces conditioned at different temperatures.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) defines an air door as follows: "In its simplest application, an air curtain is a continuous broad stream of air circulated across a doorway of a conditioned space. It reduces penetration of insects and unconditioned air into a conditioned space by forcing an air stream over the entire entrance. The air stream layer moves with a velocity and angle such that any air that tries to penetrate the curtain is entrained. Air curtain effectiveness in preventing infiltration through an entrance generally ranges from 60 to 80%". [1]

The Air Movement and Control Association defines an air curtain as: "A directionally-controlled airstream, moving across the entire height and width of an opening, which reduces the infiltration or transfer of air from one side of the opening to the other and/or inhibits flying insects, dust or debris from passing through".

Stainless Steel spring measuring six inches in length.  Type 302 Stainless Steel wire.  These stainless steel springs are clean and ready to use "as is".  They look good and do not require any tedious polishing with cleaning compounds to remove the chalky anti-sieze agents during their manufacturing.   Perfect for building custom pits and grills.  6" x 1 1/2".

SCAP - Washer Cap Push Nut Cap

Washer-cap push nut cap for installation of any of our stainless steel springs on 1/2" steel rod. To install just hit the push on axle nut cap with a hammer. Great for at the firebox or vertical chamber doors of a barbecue pit smoker.   Not a dull zinc but a highly polished finish.

Free shipping within the 48 contiguous U.S. States.

This is our custom made 100% stainless steel BBQ temperature gauge thermometer with rubber gasket seal of the glass face to be moisture-free. It is well-made and will give you years of trouble-free use on your barbecue pit smoker.

Two gauges will be required for both the Tejas   "CC" smoker pit models  with vertical smoking chambers and for the model 2454XL charcoal grill .