Stink bug air force slang jet


Aphid -- Teaches the importance of nourishment; spiritual, emotional and physical. It shows the importance of a balanced diet with plenty of water. Eat to replenish water balance. She shows the balance of physical and spiritual needs as well as introducing additional feminine aspects to help balance the masculine. She shows how to communicate your needs effectively as well as using your instincts and intuition of body language. Trust your feelings. Aphid’s medicine is about self-empowerment. You have all that is needed within and it’s time to seek and find.  

Bo Weevil , -- Coming up from over the border. An exclusive use of cotton products, (cotton fabric, cotton seed oil, etc.). Highly sensitive to scents (pheromones). An unwelcome visitor who brings devastation and despair to those he visits. The insect world's equivilant to Sherman's March to the Sea .

I’m a kayaker but there seems to be cross over.
Do you guys say “down time” for when you’re held under in a current for longer than usual?