Big jet air liner

It comes from the word fuselÉ (fyoo-zeh-LAY), meaning "spindle-shaped," which aptly describes what a fuselage is- the body of an airplane.

Jet passenger service began in the United States in the late 1950s with the introduction of Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8 airliners.
Pan American introduced overseas flights on 707s in October 1958. National Airlines soon began domestic jet service using a 707 borrowed from Pan Am. American Airlines opened domestic jet service with its own 707s in January 1959. Delta and United began flying DC-8s later that year.
British de Havilland D.H. 106 Comets and Soviet Tupolev Tu-104s had entered service earlier. But 707s and DC-8s were bigger, faster, had greater range, and proved more profitable.

Continental proudly announced the opening of its first jet service in 1959 with this colorful brochure, which detailed all the advantages of its Golden Jet service.

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