American jet charter inc

On July 18, 2009, the company announced suspension of operations, with refunds to customers who had already bought tickets. [3]

The chairman of Sun America , [4] the " parent company " of JetAmerica, is investor Steve Schoen who also was involved as a primary investor of the failed Southeast Airlines ; another low-cost carrier which declined into bankruptcy after concerns about improper record keeping and maintenance issues arose. Steve Schoen put up no money in this most recent business endeavor and was able to convince other investors to put up all the seed money for JetAmerica. [5]

JetAmerica had planned to operate under the name Air Azul , but on May 4, 2009, the company changed its name to Jet America, citing internal changes including no longer being associated with Sun Country Airlines . [6] [7] Concerns were addressed that its name was too similar to a Brazilian airline ( Azul Brazilian Airlines ) started by former JetBlue founder, David Neeleman . The company had since adopted the name and logo by the previous startup attempt let by John Weikle, [8] who was the founder of Skybus Airlines .