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Save to read list Published by Harleigh Hobbs , Editor
World Fertilizer , Tuesday, 01 November 2016 10:28

Amec Foster Wheeler has been awarded a contract by the National Company for Fertilizers & Chemicals, AGROCHEM, to supply material and detailed engineering for a steam reformer heater for its fertilizer facility in Alexandria, Egypt.

Each SGS unit features opposed wall-fired Foster Wheeler (FW) boilers that entered commercial service in 1983 and 1984. Each unit was designed for 4,700,000 lb/hr MCR at 1,005F/1,005F main and reheat steam conditions. The design of each steam generator included moderately high burner zone heat release rates that are known to have a higher potential for NO x formation.

Each boiler is equipped with six double-ended ball mills that deliver pulverized coal to 36 controlled-flow, split-flame burners, configured as three elevations of six burners on both the front and rear walls. In 1986, FW retrofitted an OFA system on the front and rear walls of both boilers. Normal full load of 700 MW gross is achieved with all six mills in service and the top feedwater heater out of service.

Analyses of Dotiki and Patiki coals, the most commonly used at SGS, and fuel blends of 30% pet coke and 70% coal by weight are shown in Table 1. The volatile content of the pet coke is only 10%, which is typical for delayed pet coke.