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Safety, security convenience and productivity are key reasons why individuals and companies choose on-demand air travel for personal and business travel. Air charter flights operate on the passenger’s schedule, allowing considerable flexibility. With the ability to fly in and out of more than 5,000 public use airports in the United States – more than 100 times that of the airlines – air charter provides convenient access to your destination. And air charter is a safe mode of transportation.

Even with all the benefits air charter provides, it is also true that not all air charter operators will meet your specific wants and needs. You must become an educated air charter consumer. A general understanding of what questions to ask and what answers to expect will assist you in your effort to choose a safe and reputable charter operator – one that will provide the aircraft and service level you require and deserve.

The resources on this web site provide you with information to become an educated consumer and tools you can use to pre-screen charter operators and to obtain competitive quotes for charter flights.

Regional Airliners can provide a higher blend of comfort to a higher passenger capacity. Some of these aircraft are amongst the most economical aircraft available today for their size. Although their range is lower than the Long-Range Jets they are able to accommodate larger groups of passengers with excellent facilities. They have an average range of around 1700 miles with a cruise speed of about 400knots.

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Jet Partners has real-time empty leg flight quotes for private jet charters in and out of Madison, Wisconsin. With the most cost effective jet charter rates we accommodate our clients’ specific needs without sacrificing safety, service or flexibility. We use ARGUS (Aviation Research Group United States) and Wyvern to determine the safety ratings of aircraft operators we choose to work with. Ensuring a safe private charter experience for you is at the top of our list, so you can focus on your business or fun you have planned.

A regional jet (RJ) is a class of short to medium-range turbofan powered regional airliners . These aircraft are widely used by commuter airlines such as SkyWest and American Eagle , among many others. The low rate of fuel consumption, which translates to low cost of operation, makes regional jets ideal for use as commuter aircraft or to connect lower traffic airports to large or medium hub airports. Regional jets are heavily used in the Essential Air Service program.

The term "regional jet" describes a range of short to medium-haul turbofan -powered aircraft, whose use throughout the world expanded after the advent of airline deregulation in the United States in 1978.

Regional jet airliners are not a new concept in aviation. Starting in the late 1960s Aeroflot , for example, used Yakolev Yak-40 regional sized mini- jet airliners , when its airline functioned as a state controlled national directive. In the West the smaller Aerospatiale Corvette was used as a regional airliner from the 1970s onwards. Several large business jets, such as the British Aerospace 125 and Dassault Falcon 20 were also operated by smaller airlines in the 1960s and 1970s.

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