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Hydraulic filters are fitted to some automotive power steering systems. The hydraulic filter removes contaminants from the power steering fluid that could damage a power steering pump or steering box. Even small particles of dirt in the fluid can interfere with the operation of the power steering system.

Hydraulic filters are also used on many heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, construction equipment, and farm equipment. These vehicles depend on hydraulic power for a wide range of operations, so replacing the hydraulic filter at the intervals prescribed by the manufacturer is an important maintenance procedure Hydraulic filters are frequently in the form of a spin-on canister. Other hydraulic filters may be in the form of a filter cartridge or an inline filter that is installed in a hydraulic hose. sells replacement hydraulic filters for a wide variety of vehicles. Included are hydraulic filters for both automotive power steering systems and hydraulic filters for heavy-duty vehicle applications. Before ordering a hydraulic filter for your vehicle, make sure you know the year, brand, model and engine displacement. Click the Part Finder link at the top of this page to locate the correct hydraulic filter for your vehicle.